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Apostolic Training to Office

So ok... you know you are called to be an Apostle. Everyone has prophesied it over you. The Lord has confirmed it. Awesome! Fantastic! "I am an Apostle." The only question remains..."What do I do now?" That is where Craig and I come in.

We understand what it is like to feel on the outside of the church, looking in. I know what it means to try and bite your tongue and just try to be like the rest. However I also know the power and authority that comes when you throw caution to the wind and embrace your calling. I understand the empowerment of having another true Apostle pour everything they have into you. Instead of facing 50 years of apostolic training all alone in the Wilderness, Craig and I could pass through it in a fraction of the time.

Now with many years ahead of us, we can use that time effectively to impart that anointing, power, knowledge and authority to you!

Welcome to the "Apostolic" Club!

I was born with a greater disadvantage than most. I was not just a Pastor's kid, but I was an Apostle's kid. By the time I hit my teens I had seen enough "church" to cure me of ever wanting to do things the status quo way. I saw the usual stuff. Abuse by pastors, believers who were happy with second best and most of all, the lack of power in the church. However I hungered for something more. Surely God meant His church to walk in power! Surely He gave us the anointing for a reason?

This led to some experiences in church that I think we have all faced at one time or another. Do not rock that boat! But no....Colette went on rocking it. Well if you are a fellow boat rocker, you are in good company. The Apostle is meant to be different and from the time you were born again, a fire has burned in you that is different to everyone else.

Chill out... you are not insane... you're just an Apostle!

Sometimes it is hard to separate the two, because surely you have to be just a bit insane to want to follow this Apostolic road. However pressure and experience alone will not make you into an Apostle. In fact not even a knowledge of your calling will make you into an Apostle. It takes a lot more than that. It takes ...Apostolic Training!

Apostolic Call - Rebuilding

This is what we have to impart to you Apostle of God.

We understand the questions in your mind. We also understand the many years in the wilderness. However you CAN speed this time up! You can be as Solomon who did not have to fight to keep his throne, but was handed it by his father David.

We have the knowledge, anointing, authority and ability to impart everything you need to rise up into the fullness of Apostolic Office. This Apostolic School is equipped to turn you from a Shepherd Boy in the field to a King that is called to rule and reign in the Kingdom of God.

Here we are ...Personally Available to You with a Network of Apostles

Where can you find other Apostles in the church today who have the time, and mostly, the willingness to impart everything into you? Our goal? To see YOU rise up as a true Apostle in the Church. Parenting, mentoring and training God's Apostles is our Mandate. Your part is to step forward and take what we have and give it out to the church.

With an Apostolic Team and covering and an entire hub of other Apostolic Students, we have an apostolic network that will act as a foundation to launch you in your Apostolic Calling.

How We Train for Apostolic Office.

Firstly, it is the Holy Spirit that trains any individual for Apostolic Office. However having trained Apostles since 2000 we know a thing or two about what you need to move quickly along this road. Coupled with powerfully anointed teaching, practical lessons and personal impartation Apostolic Office is now within your reach.

Why an Apostolic School?

Because there is an easier way than years and years in the wilderness! We know the Apostolic Road having walked down it with many others before you. The road never changes. The Apostolic Training is always the same. God has trained His Apostles in the same way since the original 12 Apostles. All you need to do is step on that track. This Apostolic School lays the road out before you, teaches you to walk it, empowers you to walk it.

What this Apostolic School Offers You

The moment you enroll in a course in the Apostolic School, these are the things that will become instantly available to you:

How the Apostolic School System Works (Costs)

What are the Requirements for Being Accepted into the Apostolic School?

Because of the personal nature and intensity of this training, we are restrictive in who we accept as students. In every application, we are looking for the following qualities:

Next Step: "Sign me up because I am an Apostle!"

We Look Forward to Having you a Part of AMI Apostolic School!