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The David Dynamic Course

Apostle: It is Time to Gather Your Mighty Men!

What set David on the throne and kept Solomon there was the force he had behind him. Out of all the kings of Israel none could boast the mighty warriors and mighty men that followed suite. During David's time in Adullam the Lord gathered many mighty to him.

During this phase of your training, God will lead His mighty warriors to your door. Will you know what to do when they get there? Before David took the throne, everything was set in place. He won the hearts of God's people and he did not have to force Saul out.

The system destroyed itself and because David was where God wanted him to be, he could walk in and take his place. The Davidic Apostle is not called to war against the system, he is called to displace it. While Moses changes the church from within, the Davidic Apostle will start by changing the system from without, by establishing a new system entirely.

If the Lord has been putting it on your heart to gather your "mighty men" then it is time to take up the challenge now and get trained for this call. Time is short and you will soon learn that becoming an apostle is more than having a few good ideas. It means raising up your might men and putting them in place. This will establish you and your ministry for years to come.

What inheritance will you leave for the generations to come? That foundation starts right here.

Prophetic Foundation Course Lessons:
David Dynamic Lesson 1:

Identifying the Davidic Apostle

With a strong prophetic orientation you will learn that the Lord has been gearing you for some time. Although you will find yourself leaning towards one apostolic type for a season, realize that most Apostles go through training for all four the apostolic types.
David Dynamic Lesson 2:

Becoming a Davidic Leader

Leaders are not born and David is proof of that. Through his circumstances and the hand of God he was made into the leader he became. Without realizing it, God has been doing the same thing in your life.
David Dynamic Lesson 3:

Clear Phases of Apostolic Training

Tick off each phase as I show you exactly where you are in your training and how much further you have to go towards apostolic office. Based squarely on the Word, you will be astonished to discover that God has been training His Apostles the same way for years. This lesson will give you a clear track to run on for your call.

David Dynamic Lesson 4:

Dealing With the Status Quo

David and Moses are very different in the way they confront the status quo. Moses had to go before Pharaoh, while the Lord had David waiting in the wilderness. While Moses had to be dragged kicking and screaming to confront, David is always eager to jump in and take action. It is no surprise then, that God calls each to do what He can do... and not what they can do.

Although confrontation is natural to David, God has him taken a completely different approach.

David Dynamic Lesson 5:

Displacing the System Correctly

There are many who have tried to "take the Kingdom by force" but this is not David's style. God opens the way so miraculously that the people literally begged him to rule them. In the same way your time will come, but what will you do when it arrives? Will
David Dynamic Lesson 6:

Becoming the Davidic Warrior

There is no easy way to say this - you are called to a walk of change! If you want to rise up as an apostle, it means developing some skills and characteristics you do not have right now. You need to leave behind the silence of the sheepfold and learn to be a warrior.

David might have been appointed king, but it was only when he faced Goliath that his road towards kingship began.

David Dynamic Lesson 7:

David vs. Saul

You will not escape the pressures of the system, but before you are ready to take your throne, there are some things you need to deal with. Digging deep this lesson is by far the most convictional that you will do. Not only will it challenge the way that you think, but it will release the anointing of the Holy Spirit to either plant or uproot in your spiritual life.

David Dynamic Lesson 8:

The Davidic King - Your Journey to Office

As the Lord brings everything together, you will learn exactly what your responsibility is as an apostle and what to do with it. Each one of the courses in Module 2 are all about forging you into the apostle that God has called you to be. Until the church can change. You must change.

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